Acne Face Map

What is an acne face map?

Does it seem like your pimples appear at the same defined spots every time? This may have something to do with a theory by a Chinese doctor, who claims that the position of pimples on your face tells you something about the cause of that pimple appearing in that spot.

By keeping track of, and analysing the position of your pimples you may be able to find out why they are appearing. Knowing the cause will help prevent them by taking proper action!


Really, a map of acne on my face?

Yes, that's what the wise Chinese doctor tells us. The face is divided into 8 zones :

- forehead

- temples

- between the brows

- nose

- left cheek

- right cheek

- lip area

- chin and jaw


All zones will tell you something about the root cause of those annoying pimples. The doctor does warn that these are merely general guidelines, and your personal health situation may differ too much to be able to use these guide lines. Thus, an acne face map is a simple tool to get an idea of what is troubling you - nothing more.

Now the doctor was so kind to include tips on how to improve your skin zones by changing your habits and/or diet. We will look into those at a later stage. For now, please check out the other pages on this site for remedies that work for a large percentage of the population.